Pilot Shop

Chilliwack now has a pilot shop in the main terminal to find all the materials and publications for your training needs. Visit us at the main terminal or call for any item, and if we don't have it on hand we can probably get it within a few business days.  

Canadian Aviation Regulations

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This “Link” will take you to the Transport Canada's site where you will find the Canadian Aviation Regulations , here you could read the details of all the law prescribed to safely and lawfully operate in Canadian Airspace. Refer to it often and review it frequently to understand fully your duties and responsibilities as an operator and pilot in this wonderful industry.

Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)

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This manual contains a more practical explanation of what is included in the CAR's and it's a great resource of knowledge for some of the most common question you may have as new or as a well seasoned pilot. This link will take to the most current version of the AIM, and you can read it directly on line or download it at no cost directly from this site.

Safety Policy

Safety is at the heart of Chilliwack Flight Centre Inc.  All of our training programs and operations are developed with the intent to have a “Safety-First” mentality that will benefit all pilots that come through our doors.

In order to accomplish this, Chilliwack Flight Centre Inc. will maintain an active safety management system that supports the open sharing of information on all issues related to safety.  This is done in efforts to help prevent potential accidents and to eliminate damage or injury. I encourage all staff members and trainees to report any hazards or concerns regarding the safety of everyone and I pledge that there will be no disciplinary actions taken against any person that reports a safety concern to the company, especially in regards to our operation. I will not expect any staff member or trainee to compromise any safety standards for the sake of task completion and entrusts that everyone will live by the company’s safety values during times of decision-making.

This “Safety-First” policy is a company value, and we believe in providing everyone with a safe and healthy environment, therefore it is expected for staff and trainees to comply with this policy.

Our objective is the proactive management of identifiable risks and the elimination of injury to persons and damage to any equipment. To that end, we will continuously examine our operation for hazards and find ways to improve safety and efficiency. We will report incidents, educate staff and trainees on safety management, document our findings and our responses, and strive for continuous improvement.

Ultimate responsibility for safety in the company rests with myself as the accountable executive. Responsibility for making our operations safer for everyone lies with each and every one of us. I am responsible for implementing the safety management system and will be held accountable to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent incidents and accidents, and I am looking forward to everyone’s assistance in making this possible.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Juan Carlos Parada - Accountable Executive

Designate Airspace Handbook

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This handbook includes current information detailing the dimensions and designations of divisions within Canadian Airspace.