Chilliwack Flight Centre is a locally owned and operated Flight Training Unit that will serve the community of Chilliwack and surroundings. Professional flight instruction is what we are all about, and our focus on safety, along with properly guided flight instruction, brings results that can exceed your expectations and allow you to enjoy your training throughout the entire process.

Juan Carlos Parada will be your instructor, bringing his knowledge and passion for the industry and he will ensure that your personalized training program is met with efficiency that will be noticeable from the moment you begin your first flight lesson.

Damarys Parada will be at the front line of our customer service and will be available to welcome you and guide you with all that you will need to get started and make you feel right at home with us.

Our Cessna 172, which is currently being completely overhauled to “like-new” status, is our airplane of choice, being the “World’s most popular Airplane”*, is one of the most used aircraft for flight training due to its ease of operation and docile characteristics that makes it a great entry level airplane to learn with.

Come and let’s discuss how we can make your dream to fly a reality!

* Flying Magazine, Cessna 172: Still Relevant Today? Updated Jan. 2020

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